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Anniversary clock identification by mervyn passmore. Clock winding is a memorable anniversary for many families the world over. This ebook is included in the basic clock cleaning kit and you get the clock cleaning solution, the ebook, a brush, a clock level, clock oil and a vision visor. Quartz harmonic movement instructions found on many miller, hermle, bulova, and rhythm clocks bulova harmonic ii owners manual. If you are looking to repair your own cuckoo clock or anniversary clock, we stock a wide variety of clock repair parts to meet your needs. Many will say that to do such a thing is inadvisable without proper training. My personal preference is the latest edition, the 10th. It runs for a while and stops because not enough power reaches the pendulum to keep it running. Books 400day anniversary clock repair guides timesavers. Known as the bible of anniversary clocks, this fascinating and comprehensive book is a must have reference for serious collectors, horologists, and indeed anyone with an interest in these beautiful timepieces. This is a clock repair book that is obviously aimed at helping beginner clock repairers who need an introduction to the subject. For any one interested in the range of 400 day anniversary clocks this book is a must have it is absolutely essential not only does it have an extensive section on the technical side of escapements but also lists most if not all of the 400 days ever produced and with this gives essential information on each clock. Identifies manufacturer and model of clock movements using maker names, logos, and back plate width and height.

The further out the balls or weights, the slower the clock will run. Would like to buy a book on identification or setting up of 8 day, 30 day, 400 day or 1,000 day anniversary clocks. Horolovar 400 day clock repair guide, 10th edition, written by the late charles terwilliger, and edited by h. Showing how to replace a anniversary clock suspension spring. The suspension spring gets replaced and the movement gets cleaned. Anniversary clock identification by mervyn passmore to help you identify your clock, mervyn passmore has released some prepublication pages from his forthcoming book anniversary clock identification due to be published at the end of 2009. Apr 15, 20 setting up a 400 day clock pocket full of time 281 7554377 duration. Information on how to maintain and repair any types of anniversary clocks.

They were especially popular in the 1950s, and the major german makers were schatz aug. Horolovar and 400 day anniversary clock related books and booklets. Clockwatchbooksetc the schatz day clock was not a bold step forward because it just increased the time between winds. They are asking you for a photo of the back plate because the reference book on this subject horolovar 400 day clock repair guide is basically a collection of plates drawing made of kundo and others over the years where the author has tabulated the right springs and block for each production model. However, the book also contains useful information for the more advanced repairer. A fascinating history of the 400day clock in the united states of america is followed by a wellillustrated guide to the repair of the many different versions of the clock. When its time to repair a 400 day clock, two things usually need to be done. Antique clocks collecting, info, guide, types and value. Instructions for a kundo anniversary 400 day clock hunker. This is the 10th edition that has been revised and updated with editing by h. Click on one of the store categories links to the left to see our instruction booklets, other repair books, a full selection of horolovar suspension spring sizes, complete horolovar suspension spring units for all kundo and schatz clocks, mainsprings, winding keys, mainsprings, and many other anniversary clock related items. Horolovar 400day clock repair guide by charles terwilliger. No matter how thoroughly a pendulum clock is overhauled, if it does not receive this final attention it may suffer from loss of power and subsequently stop. These two procedures will fix most anniversary clocks.

Explains the escapement action in simple, understandable language, using clearly and carefully detailed illustrations. The horolovar 400day clock repair guide open library. Help with 400 day clock identification age nawcc forums. The following pages should help you identify your clock, but please remember that these pages. Jun 03, 2011 quartz chiming clock owners manuals battery operated wall clocks and mantel clocks hermle quartz 2115 or 2114 movement manual. The replacement of a damaged or twisted suspension spring is made much easier with the 400 day clock repair guide, by charles terwilleger, a highly recommended book. Horolovar offers its signature anniversary clock suspension springs, suspension units, mainsprings, tapered pins, tools, clock keys, the horolovar 400day clock repair guide, other 400 day clock repair books, renaissance wax, and simichrome polish, as well as the worlds largest selection of 400 day anniversary clock parts. Anniversary clock adjusting by mervyn passmore description.

Cs17773 jahresuhrenfabrik disc pendulum anniversary clock. Horolovar 400 day anniversary clock repair guide book. Aug 30, 2018 the horolovar 400day clock repair guide by charles terwilliger isbn 0916316041. The most common anniversary clock material is metal. Clock repair st joe setting up anniversary clock time. Sections on disassembly, escapements, suspensions, putting a clock. Key wind 400 day anniversary clocks were made from the 1880s through the 1980s. I have just purchased a schatz striking bell clock. Revised and updated edition of the 400 day clock repair guide. How to adjust schatz ships bell clock by william bilger. If you really want to move into doing it yourself, you should find a copy of the 400 day clock repair guide 10th edition by terwilliger. It is followed by a demonstration on replacing the spring on a kundo anniversary clock with the keeper inside the. Mar 29, 2010 joseph rabushka, a retired concert violinist, has been repairing 400day clocks exclusively for over 30 years.

The 400day course is a 2day hands on affair with the students working on the clock that they bring and mike can accommodate anywhere from 8 to 16 students. Click the button below to add the horolovar 400 day clock repair guide to your wish list. Horolovar 400day anniversary clock suspension wires. Clock owners manuals user manuals for different clocks. Bulova b1534 empire anniversary clock is an elegant contemporary styled clock. Well the first part anyway stripping down a 400 day anniversary clock and suspension spring assembly. A clock is usually taken to the shop for repair because the clock fails to keep running. Among our top selling anniversary clocks in the category are the christina, tristan i and the gold based waterbury mantel clock. If you are doing any 400 day clock repair, this book is a must have. This work is a clock repair book devoted to a specific type of clock, the 400day or anniversary clock. It is the most comprehensive book now in publication covering 400day clocks.

Tells you the correct strength horolovar suspension spring to use on all clocks. Clock repair ebook downloadable ebook that includes the following topics. The horolovar 400 day clock repair guide contains valuable information and illustrations and is known as the bible of anniversary clocks. To this date there is a lot of repair shops that wont repair the 400day clock. If you just dug out your anniversary clocks from the cellar or attic and have no idea what to check first, the. Anniversary clocks have found popularity as wedding gifts because they run 400 days without being wound and can be wound once a year on the couples wedding anniversary.

All our anniversary clocks come with free shipping and our 30day money back guarantee. Anniversary clocks date back to at least the early 1900s with most of them being made by german clock manufacturers. The word anniversary symbolizes the idea that the clocks only need to be wound once a year on a meaningful date, such as the date you received the clock. The anniversary clock or 400 day clock is one that has been around for a long time. The beveled glass on the front and the leaded glass effect on the sides allow light to shine in on the rotating pendulum which sparkles with 8 faceted crystals. Addresses the necessary adjustments for 400day clocks, including setup, the suspension, letting down the mainspring, escapement adjustment, etc. Book the horolovar 400 day clock repair guide by charles terwilliger. It shows fullscale drawings of the suspension units, so that you can simply lay the parts on the page and assemble them to match the drawing designed for your particular clock. Jul 24, 2019 book the horolovar 400 day clock repair guide by charles terwilliger. Adjusting 400day anniversary clocks by william bilger. This is part 1 of 2 on servicing the 400day anniversary.

Ellison and you will find not only useful technical articles, but historical interesting information that is a must have for the. Horolovar 400 day anniversary clock repair guide book 10th. Do not alter the pendulum more than once in 24 hours and remember that springdriven clocks may run slower as the spring unwinds. Their most distinctive feature is a set of rotating metal balls that works as a pendulum. Closeout item for kundo miniature 77 anniversary clocks. Or simply want to know a bit more about anniversary clock makers and models. Believe it or not that to repair one you have to have the book. How to replace a 400 day anniversary clock suspension spring. Browse 400day anniversary clock repair guides products. This article will be a 2part series devoted to the servicing of the 400day or anniversary clock by michael p. For testing and regulating purposes, the clock has been one third wound before leaving the factory. Horolovar 400 day clock repair guide the horolovar company. The success of this ebook is from the simplicity in the answers and the ease of use. These books are brand new and fresh from the publisher.

The horolovar 400day clock repair guide 9789992387269. The horolovar 400day clock repair guide charles terwilliger on. Actually i was referring only to one book, the horolovar 400day clock repair guide 10th edition by charles terwilliger and edited by bill ellison. Power is transmitted from the mainspring, through the gears to the anchor pin, to. The first step is to look at the backplate of your clock, and try to identify the factory that made it. The horolovar 400day clock repair guide by charles terwilliger isbn 0.

How to replace the suspension spring on a kundo 400 day clock. This is part 1 of 2 on servicing the 400day anniversary clock. How to replace a 400 day anniversary clock suspension. It also includes an extensive collection of back plate and suspension illustrations which aid clock identification and the selection of replacement parts. Results 1 30 of 56 the horolovar day clock repair guide by charles terwilliger and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. Gives the answer to every question about 400day clocks which will ever face a repairman. Balcomb is a good example of the kind of clock repair books that are available today. One way to get it running is to double the weight, but this causes enormous wear and consequent damage in the long run. The book is well written, easy to understand and includes drawings of 400 day clock plates to make identifying the exact clock your working on fairly easy. Anniversary clock clock repair, antique clock repair.

Without this book repair and restoration of this type of clock is not possible for example it lists the specifications on the suspension springs used on each brand of. The horolovar 400day clock repair guide w dust jacket. Also, the book includes specs, length, width and thickness for suspension springs of almost all 400 day clocks. The dark espresso finish truly accentuates the silver clock face and pendulum. How to replace a 400 day clock suspension spring youtube. Sort by price low high price high low name a z name z a showing products.

Acknowledged as one of the worlds foremost experts in 400day clock repair, he has repaired and restored clocks for collectors worldwide and for more than 70 clock dealers and jewelers in the united states and canada. Keep a note of the amount of adjustment made and resulting effect. Book the horolovar 400 day clock repair guide by charles. Little has been done to publicize horology as a hobby. Known as the bible of anniversary clocks, this fascinating and comprehensive book.

Mike was awis 400day clock repair bench course instructor. There have been many books written on the repair of watches and clocks but the majority have been intended for the serious horologist and the apprentice. The introduction contains general information and history on 400 day clocks. More information on the basic clock cleaning kit is available at this link. Frankenmuth clock company is one of the largest fullservice clock stores in the midwest, providing authentic, imported german clocks as well as various clock parts and repair services. My last assumption is that you have one of the editions of horolovars the day clock. Beat setting on 400 day anniversary clocks youtube. Learn how to determine the value of your anniversary clock collections. Kundo anniversary suspension spring assembly for miniature 77. This book will give you the specs for your clock in terms of what type of spring to buy and how to put them together, at least the spacing of the upperlower blocks and the fork.

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