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Unfortunately not much is known about it at this point but ive heard that our dna is made up of 2 stands and 10 strands of unused dna which is supposed to help us attain multi dimensional consciousness. Now you can step up to the next level of your spiritual evolution with the activation of your 12 dna strands, the 12 layers of interdimensional energy that surround. This activation allows you to embody up to 12 dimensions of consciousness or. Clear the highest priority auric attachments you have picked up from people, places, times, things and events. Russian dna discoveries proof of 12strand dna activation. Dna activation stimulates the dna to restore the original pure, healthful state. Jones 12 strand dna activation platinum series selfhypnosis. A comprehensive document for the benefit of people interested in living very long healthy lives and who. If you choose to activate your 12 dna strands you will gradually become more psychic. I believe that the activation will happen automatically in 12 to 24 years in the future. Do 12 dna strand activations and healing by andersony fiverr. Provided to youtube by catapult reservatory, llc theta 12 strand dna activation ascensionarchangel theta healer. Activating the new dna is a service to humanity for the inner awakening of each soul that lives on earth.

Aclass odns, which comprise oligomerizing segments, convert to. The guided visualization for the activation of your 12 dna strands and the activation of your 12 interdimensional layers of energy. You may wonder about dna activation and what it is and what happens when you get your dna activated. These can be read in the iris and reveal the genetic. We have seen for thousands of years the use of mantra and yantra to activate our dna. You can read more about dna on wikipedia, in its dna. The dna activation is now becoming a part of the earths collective consciousness. However, many esoteric traditions and practices can access the holographic 12 strand dna and actively work with it. While you chant this mantra 108 times, look into the centre spot or the bindu singularity black hole of the sri yantra.

The activation of all 12 strands six double helices can have tremendous therapeutic value. Our mainstream science has not yet progressed to a state where we can measure the holographic dna and its additional 10 strands. Life activation, dna activation, modern mystery school. Annes channeled articles frequently appear in such metaphysical publications as the sedona journal of emergence, pathfinder, and the edge. Pdf the ironsulfur helicase ddx11 promotes the generation of. The 12 strand dna activation can change your life dna. Additional information flows into our conscious mind allowing life. My personal experience is that once all 72 double helix strands are activated and woven together, the sushumna channel fills approximately the center of the physical body. The 12 strand dna activation stimulates on the personal level the dnas silicate matrix, which corresponds directly to the levels of identify, the chakra system, levels of the auric field, the higher body anatomy, the operations of the kundalini energy and the formation of the merkaba vehicle. Activation or repression of target genes using crispr. The structure of dna was discovered by james watson and francis crick in 1953. This process becomes even more powerful because you are copartnering with me to activate you 12strand dna. What is dna activation, how can you activate your dna and how is the ascension process involved with dna activation.

This was the potential dna and higher consciousness experienced by angelic human beings in previous time cycles on the 5d parallel earth, previous to its cataclysm. Russian dna discoveries proof of 12strand dna activation theory. Initiates the activation process of recodingrestranding your multistrand dna matrix. The foundation of all our musical soundscapes evolves from the concepts we have developed from our many years of research in this field, which we began in 1989.

Since the 80s most babies are born with a fully activated dna. Soul alchemist level ii dna activation certification inlightment. We have 2 strands of dna in our physical body and up to an infinite about of strands in our etheric body. The activation of our dna template divine seed blueprints is a critical step in the process of ascension and in scientific terms dna is a molecule of heredity, a nucleic acid located in cells that contains the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of living organisms. The interdimensional 12 strand dna activation mp3 download includes. Translates dna or mrna to the other and a protein strand amino acids. Read more about cas9 multiplexing and cas12a cpf1 multiplexing. She wrote power of twelve, achieving 12strand dna consciousness in 1996 about her personal experience regaining her twelve strands of dna. It balances the right and left lobes of your brain. Once you have received this attunement, you are able to pass it on to others for a fee. This video enables you to have more energy and clarity,repair damaged dna strands, and help activate dormant 12 strand dna activation on vimeo. Place a sri yantra 2d photo in front of you at your forehead height.

Fox is the holistic practitioner of the avalon wellness centre in mt shasta, california. The ironsulfur helicase ddx11 promotes the generation of singlestranded dna for chk1 activation. There is a whole lot of confusing information out there on the internet about the 12 strand dna, what it is, how it functions, and how it can be activated. For years science has recognized that we have two active physical strands of dna. As a species we are now evolving and are waking up dormant parts of our spiritual dna. Optimizing your 12strand dna can make your dreams come true by stevan j. We have troubled and plundered natures resources and soon. We also have a further ten energetic dna strands which have been dormant within the human being for many centuries.

Channel catfish ictalurus punctatus is an important agricultural fish that has been plagued by streptococcus iniae s. This ceremony is an initiation into the deeper interdimensional or quantum aspects of your consciousness. These strands are interdimensional and affect 3d physicality as encoded information contained within our dna, which is. Its purpose is to open you to experiencing your core essence, to help you become balanced and whole again so you can experience the creator with joy in your heart. This is a powerful form of service for humanity, i am sure you will receive many blessings for this. Free 12 strand dna activation symptoms free 12 strand dna activation experiences. The chances of naturally occurring 12 strand dna is a blessed opportunity for a few but for rest we are not so lucky. Here we show that although tlr9 requires singlestranded dna longer. Dna is our personal divine blueprint, containing all of the information about us, mentally, physically and spiritually. Short singlestranded dna degradation products augment the. How to become psychic by activating your 12 dna strands. Most people know that dna is the blueprint of life and is located in every cell of the body. According to ancient spiritualists and shamans as well as modern sages of scientific wisdom, our junk dna is the 12strand holographic version of dna.

Spiritual awakening to ascension processes that raise your vibration frequency and dimensions. Sequence specific regulators of eukaryotic gene expression, axiomatically, act through double stranded dna targets. Activating the new dna is a service to humanity for the. With this 12 strand dna activation, i work in your fields for about 30 minutes to assist with dna upgrading. Kathy wilson the interdimensional 12 strand dna activation. These aspects can be at any level from the 1st dna pair physical to the 6th dna pair. Reactivate all existing dna strands, chromosomes, genes, helixes, codons, light encoded filaments. The dna activation technique awakening the masters the dna activation allows us to survive the environmental poisons created by man, as well as accelerates our psychic senses. The activation of each additional 12 strand increment increases the diameter of the sushumna channel. The dna activation power seeks to eliminate physical, emotional, etheric, mental limitations, blockages and negative cycles by restoring vibration and frequency of the 12 strand dna energy field sequence. Our dna activation music is the most powerful soundfrequencybased tool available for awakening the dormant potentials within your dna. They hold memory and identity and each corresponds to a strand of dna.

The dna activation is complete approximately 9 weeks from the initial activation. The activation is programmed with different frequencies to activate your 12 strand dna. We as humans were meant to have 12 active strands of dna, but over thousands of years through environment and accumulation of negative memories and feelings for most people born before the 80s 10 strands are dormant. The activation and actualization of the 12 strand dna program ebook is written in the format of a facilitator and client activation manual and is divided into two sections sessions, so you will be able to do the dna activations on yourself or facilitate this process for friends and family. Dna activation levelone series of 4 soundscapes to begin your journeys into activating the 12. Twelve strands are activated at the level of the physical body and related to the twelve chakras and planets. In addition to each chromosomes 2 strand double helix of dna, there are an additional 22 etheric strands of junk dna available to each human, which have been dormant since the beginning of recorded history. The end result of cas9mediated dna cleavage is a doublestrand break dsb within the. I feel the true intent you had while writing the pdf. Your dna contains the encoded information relative to both your physical and spiritual lineage and.

This means activating your complete 12 strand dna blueprint and thus being able to. In the activation, we are activating strands to the dna and its existing 46. Most people know that dna is a mark of life, which can be found in every cell of the human body. Third dimensional activation free 12 strand dna activation step 1.

Activate your merkaba, higher dna strands, higher chakras. The art and science of dna activation, healing and repair. Berrenda fox provides evidence of dna and cellular changes in this article by patricia resch. Here are some benefits you will gain by activating your 12 dna strands. This means every thought, every vibration, and every interaction with other vibratory disturbances both positive and negative will change our dna. These 12 energy centers must be accessed from within where we can feel the data corresponding with and translating our experiences within the context of. Dna replication california state university, northridge. Once your akashic records are open, i gently guide you through a meditative and energetic process to activate your 12strand dna. It includes the sounds of the sacred solfeggio tones. Understanding our 12 strands of holographic dna healers.

I originally activated to 12 strands of dna, but one day when i was in my office with a. Base editors are targeted to a specific locus by a grna, and they can convert cytidine to uridine. The diamond sun refers to the original design of the angelic human 12 strand dna silicate matrix. In addition to the video trainings youll receive a pdf version for each lecture for. Most people only have 3 to 5 dna strands activated. The merkaba antenna is used to receive messages from other dimensions. The 12 stranded dna activation the 12 strand dna activation creates the connection between the human genetic coding and access to all knowledge through the seven planes of existence refer to the 7 planes free download. Dna to mrna to protein converter restriction site finder hamming calculator. With 12 strand dna activation 10 additional strands will be activated. Proteins that recognize dna ciselements as single strands but for which compelling evidence has been lacking to indicate in vivo involvement in transcription are orphaned in this scheme. In scientific terms dna is a molecule of heredity, a nucleic acid located in cells that contains the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of living organisms.

Activate your merkaba, higher dna strands, higher chakras, kundalini. The interdimensional 12 strand dna activation cd includes preinstructions, the guided visualization for the activation of your 12 dna strands and the activation of your 12 interdimensional layers of energy, the sounds of the sacred solfeggio tones, and postactivation instructions and information. The second book, dna activation 101, in the series explores the topic of dna activation and how using multidimensional sound created specifically for this purpose is one of the most powerful tools available for your transformational processes. Light bodymerkaba and dna activation the melchizedek. Provided to youtube by cdbaby 12 strand dna activation platinum series selfhypnosis steve g.

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